Keranique Or Diatomaceous Earth Silica to Strengthen Hair?

For many years, manufacturers have been occupied with developing products specifically for treating male baldness. What these manufactures don’t understand is that women too suffer the same problem.

For women, this causes stress and depression, as they’re always conscious about their looks.

Luckily, keranique have come to solve the problems associated with women hair. We are going to faithfully compare the food grade diatomaceous earth (silica powder) to all natural hair solutions and products.

Below is a detailed keranique review:

What exactly is Keranique?

keranique reviewKeranique is a product made specifically for treating thinning hair in women. In its treatment process, the product makes a woman’s hair thicker, stronger and healthier.

The product`s named Keranique is derived from Keratin, a protein responsible for maintaining strong and healthy hair. It is also important to note that any healthy hair is composed of 90% keratin, a value that decreases as one ages.

Keranique became popular when it was first used as a hair-strengthening treatment across many salons. Since then, the products have enjoyed massive usage by many women who want to achieve fuller and thicker hair in no time.

How can Keranique Increase Hair Growth?

To give your hair the desired appearance and growth, Keranique works on a three-step process explained below:

1. Scalp Simulating Shampoo
The process starts with the above shampoo; a revitalizing product that perfectly cleanses the scalp as well as hair, thereby removing excess oils, dirt, pollutants and grime. If you continue using this shampoo, you’ll guarantee of stronger and thicker hair in a very short time.

2. Volumizing Keratin Conditioner
The next step towards increasing your hair growth as set out by Keranique involves use of the above named conditioner. The conditioner (a cream-gel) works well on fine, thin hair, promoting its volume, shine and dimension.

The gel contains an amino acid complex which develops a barrier that prevent your hair against moisture, humidity, heat and ginseng root extract which improves the thickness and volume of your hair.

3. The final step of using the keranique products allows you to make your own choice depending on your hair needs.

a). If you would like to achieve thicker hair, then you’ve to choose Follicle Boosting Serum as well as Amplifying Lift Spray. The serum goes a long way in enhancing the hair texture as well as adding volume to it.

The spray on the other hand increases the hair volume instantly and thus the fullness of the hair, making it heat and breakage proof.

b). If you would like to regrow lost hair (baldness), you must chose Hair Regrowth Treatment. The spray contains 2% Minoxidil, a vasodilator which oversees smooth flow of blood, oxygen and nutrient to hair follicles improving the health state of your hair.

Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth Silica Products

Generally recognized as safe ingredient: Diatomaceous earth, is similar to what an underground Hair Regrowth Treatment product might be and is composed of the only ingredient approved by popular manufactures to support cases of baldness in females: diatomaceous earth. Diatoms optimizes women`s hair growth cycle, thickens and revitalizes hair follicles that might have been affected by age, pollutants, dying, bleaching and so on.

– Diatomaceous products are free of parabens, dyes and sulfates- continued use of these additives is well known for affecting hair growth cycle by shriveling the hair follicles among other effects.

Diatomaceous earth powders in natural silica supplements are becoming very well known for their hair enhancing features.

-Free trial: The manufacturers of the product offer you a free trial kit comprising of the earlier mentioned shampoo, hair regrowth treatment, the earlier mentioned conditioner conditioner and a lift spray. More so you’ll get a detangling tool as a bonus. For all this, you only pay a shipping and handling fee of $8.

That’s it for the food grade diatomaceous earth and keranique review. If you take advantage of the free trial, you’ll be sure to test if the product really works. You can get your kit today on Amazon or other sites such as DermStore.